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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is The Right Hand Men?

A: The Right Hand Men (RHM) is a subscription based automation product. Businesses can automate the conversations they have with their target audience - leads, customers, vendors, employees, etc. There are workflow templates based on Google Sheets. The automation comes at low cost, high availability communication channels (Social Media messengers, Web-Chat or SMS), to enable the target audience to engage with businesses.

When businesses want to set up a support desk or a call center to address calls/queries/complaints (Conversations) from customers/vendors/employees, RHM delivers these functions through omni-channel conversations that are automated.

RHM engages with the target audience till their Conversations are registered and addressed. Everything is automated. The only human involved will be the business' employee who is going to act on the Conversations.

It is like IVR (Interactive Voice Response) on Chat or SMS with human take-over at the last step. We'd like to call it ICR (Interactive Chat Response).

Q: How does RHM provide High Availability?

A: With a toll free number or a helpdesk number, callers are usually put on hold with standard voice messages like "All our employees are busy answering our customers. Please stay on the call; your call is important to us" or "All our customer care officers is speaking to other customers. You are in queue. There are 4 customers ahead of you. Thankyou for your patience".

With RHM, your stakeholders never have to wait. They are engaged with simultaneously, and are responded to instantly (within 5 seconds flat!).

Hence businesses need not worry about the number of helpdesk employees or call center personnel they need to employ or outsource to. Neither do they have to worry about work load management.

They can instead focus on their business.

Q: How can RHM help my business?

A: Consider the below questions:

If your answer to any of the above questions is "YES", then your business can benefit from RHM.

Q: What should a business do to get started?

A: Please watch the videos in the below playlist to learn how to sign-up, configure the settings, download & customise workflow sheets, setup employees, etc.

Q: What is a Conversation?

A: A Conversation is a series of chat exchanges between the end-user and RHMBot. It captures the audience's intent or need, and the automated responses that guide them towards a resolution that meets their need. A single conversation could contain anywhere between 5-30 messages.

When the intent is captured, the conversation is converted into a ticket. This could be a service ticket, or an inquiry from an inbound lead. It could also be a transaction that registers new customers or their products.

If the conversation does not reach the end - say, the intent is not captured or the resolution is not arrived at - the conversation is incomplete. It does not get converted into a ticket.

Q: If a conversation is incomplete, will it count against the monthly quota of conversations?

A: No. If a conversation is incomplete, it does not get converted into a ticket and hence will not be counted against the monthly quota of conversations.

Q: How do I enable automation on my digital channels?

A: When you enable workflows, you'll also be able to link digital channels to your account with The Right Hand Men - channels like your Facebook Business Page, Messenger, Telegram, Web-chat, Twitter, etc.

Watch the video below to see how our automation works on Facebook. We've setup sentiment analysis based auto responses to page visitors who are excited about your product or service and write positive comments or inquiries. This video shows how you can use automation to engage them and convert the traction to a sale.

Q: How can I integrate The Right Hand Men with my CRM applications?

A: By configuring API Calls for various workflows, you'll be able to publish the chat transcript in a structured format to any software application.

Watch the video below to see how you can publish the conversation details through API calls.

Q: What are workflow templates?

A: Workflow templates are pre-build conversation flows that we've designed, to suit various business functions like Marketing, Sales, Support team, Survey team, etc.

Each team would have a different approach in responding to messages from their audience (leads, prospects, customers, detractors, vendors, or employees).

For example, it's not advisable to capture the PII from an inbound lead, before understanding their need. If it's a lead from an outbound campaign, or a new customer seeking support, it would be okay to ask their name, contact details, etc. upfront. These are pre-built into the templates to provide a reference. However, you are free to remove all the pre-build steps and design your own conversation flow as you deem fit, from scratch.

Watch the playlist below to see how you can use our workflow templates for each business function, starting with mapping your Google Drive to download the templates.

Q: How can I reset my login username and password?

A: You cannot reset/re-create your username. Only the password can be reset.

In the login page, click the link that says "Forgot Password?". Provide the username, registered email address and registered mobile and click on Regenerate Password. The new password will be sent to the registered mobile and email id.

Q: When signing up, I entered incorrect mobile number. How do I login now since I cannot get the login access code (OTP)?

A: OTP is sent via SMS and email to the mobile number and email id provided during sign-up. You can expect a mail from alerts@forbyof.com containing the OTP and use it to login. Once logged in, please go to Settings page and provide the correct mobile number. Remember to 'Verify' the mobile number in the Settings page by clicking on 'Get OTP via SMS' link and provide the OTP before saving the new mobile number.

Q: When signing up, I not only entered incorrect mobile number, but also an incorrect email id. How do I login now since I cannot get the login access code (OTP) even via email?

A: Well, that is unfortunate. But there is a work-around. Simply wait for 2 hours and your account would be invalidated & deleted. You can now re-create your account by signing up again with the same Service Code as earlier. Just remember to provide the correct mobile number and email id this time.

If you try signing up again within 2 hours, you may not be able to use the same Service Code you had provided in the first sign-up attempt. That is because the Service Code is unique.

Waiting for 2 hours would let the system know that the sign-up was not followed up by a successful login within 2 hours of sign-up and hence the account should be invalidated.